Patent-pending technology combines the benefits of CO2 and ethanol to deliver unparalleled operational efficiency and quality

KELOWNA, BC, March 9, 2021 /NEWSWIRE/ - Vitalis Extraction Technologies (Vitalis), a global leader in CO 2 extraction solutions, today announced the launch of its latest innovation, the Co-Solvent Injection System (CIS). The patent-pending technology delivers a pure CO 2 extraction process while leveraging the power of ethanol to significantly reduce run time and operating costs and improve post-treatment.

As Vitalis CEO Joel Sherlock explains, the Vitalis CIS is designed to help the company scale its business by reducing its cost per gram. "From the beginning, our innovation has been led by customer collaboration, and the launch of Vitalis CIS is no exception. The industry has matured, demand is growing, and our customers need to keep up with the times. In a worldwide application, we have developed a flexible solution that improves operational efficiency and extraction accuracy."

The Vitalis CIS offers extraction versatility and a cost-effective solution for future scale-up. By injecting controlled amounts of ethanol into the CO 2 extraction process, the co-solvent system is designed to improve extraction efficiency for cannabis and cannabis processors by leveraging the benefits of careddisupercritical Machine CO 2 extraction (capturing terpenes, targeting desired cannabinoids, and reducing operating costs). The power of ethanol.

The novel Vitalis co-solvent option provides the flexibility that extraction needs to expand operations and grow their product line. The co-solvent process significantly reduces the amount of ethanol used per gram of oil produced compared to CO 2 extraction using conventional antifreeze methods or cold ethanol extraction. designed as a plug-and-play add-on rather than a retrofit to CO 2 extraction equipment, the Vitalis CIS allows for continuous operation of Q-Series and R-Series equipment for single-solvent CO 2 processing when needed.

James Seabrook, CTO and co-founder of the team responsible for developing the Vitalis CIS, commented, "We set out to develop a product that would enhance our customer's extraction process. biomass to remove residual ethanol as part of its standard design and operation; the system also incorporates solvent management controls to automate the collection of the extractor and maintain a harmless chamber all this while significantly increasing production, reducing the amount of ethanol required, and without any compromise in quality."

The development and launch of Vitalis CIS is the result of 12 months of intensive research and real-world testing on cannabis and hemp with the support of licensed producer partners. Although different operational variables were considered, the results of the co-solvent system implementation were consistent. Each partner saw an impressive reduction in extraction time, lower operating pressures, higher selectivity in the extraction process, improved extraction quality and minimal use of ethanol.

"The best part is that it can be added to your existing system with a small footprint that can fit into any facility layout and enclosure that meets fire codes. the VitalisCIS is really designed to provide efficiencies at every level of operation," Westbrook concluded.

Vitalis' technology to continually develop pioneering products and innovative systems has made the company a global industry leader in the manufacture of industrial-scale supercritical CO 2 extraction systems for a variety of industries. The Vitalis CIS was introduced to best serve the company's core customer base, which includes cannabis and hemp producers, while maintaining safety, serviceability and performance standards.

About Vitalis
Vitalis Extraction Technologies Ltd. (Vitalis) is a privately held engineering and manufacturing company in Kelowna, British Columbia, producing industrial Supercritical CO2 Extraction solutions for the cannabis, hemp, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and essential oil industries.