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Reunite pets with the world's lowest cost microchip scanner from just £9.99. Find the chip number & more...

Lost Pets

Be the first to know when your pet is found & get instantly alerted if there is any activity on their microchip

Microchip Registration

Register a new pet, transfer keepership or change your contact details

PetScanner Pet Protection

Get instantly alerted if there is any activity your pet's microchip and more

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Thousands of pets go missing every year. Devastatingly, 1 in 8 of lost dogs that remain unclaimed face the threat of being put down. This is mainly due to owners not updating their contact details. While this is an ongoing issue with other pet databases, registering with PetScanner means you can update your contact details free of charge, giving you the best chance of reuniting with your pet if they ever go missing.

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See What Others Are Saying...

Low cost device, works a treat, brilliant idea for reuniting animals with owners, everyone should get one 🙂

Facebook Review

Great microchip scanner works well, it has out done the halo scanner for me.

eBay Buyer

So easy to set up & use, just create an account, connect the scanner to a phone and scan away. I've already reunited a stray dog to his owner a few days after receiving mine.

Facebook Review

I ordered mine on Friday night and it was delivered on Saturday morning. Really fast delivery and tried it out and it really does work.

Facebook Review

Works perfectly. Small, so less scary for animals!

eBay Buyer

The scanner worked well the first time using it, helped me to get a lost kitty back home.

Facebook Review
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