Breeder Pre-Registration

Breeder Pre-Registraton

Simple 4-step Process

1. Create an account

Create a free account with us via our website or smartphone app. Don't worry, both are linked so whatever you do on one is instantly transferred over to the other.

2. Pre-register Pet

Pre-registration can be done via our website or app shown in the pictures below and will be logged onto the breeder’s PetScanner profile. The pre-registered pet will be registered to a breeder with the ‘re-homing’ status. The re-homing status means that the pet is registered on the PetScanner database (for free) and is ready to be transferred to a new owner.

3. Transfer Keepership

When a new owner comes to re-home the pet, they will need to create an account via our website or app and click the 'Register Pet' button and input the microchip number. Our system will tell them that the pet is already in our system and marked up for re-homing. They will then need to pay the registration cost of just £2.99 which includes 3 free months of PetScanner Pet Protection. The new owner will receive all the PetScanner benefits including notifications when their pet’s chip is scanned or searched online and being able to change their contact details for free– providing the best chance of reuniting if their pet is ever lost or stolen.

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4. Transfer Complete

Once the pet has been registered with PetScanner (£2.99 registration has been paid), you will notice that the pet has instantly been automatically transferred from your account to the new keepers. Don't worry, we still keep a historical record of you as the breeder for this pet just in case we need to contact you in the future. If a pet is still in your account, just check in with the keeper to make sure they complete the transfer as soon as possible.

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