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Keep your pet’s microchip details up to date

Keeping your contact details up to date on a government approved database is vital for providing the best chance of reuniting with your pet if they ever go missing, as these details link back to their microchip.

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Update your details free of charge

Did you know that many of the other DEFRA approved databases charge up to £20 each and every time you update your contact number or address.

Here at PetScanner, we know that a lot of us often change our contact details. That's why we've made it FREE to update them at any time you like. Register your pet today for just £2.99 and keep your details up to date. We welcome registrations from any pet with any existing microchip!

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If you have already created an account and your pet is registered with us, you can update your contact details in the PetScanner app or online.

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