One of the ways many of us kept ourselves sane over the pandemic and various lockdowns we’ve had to endure was getting a four-legged friend to keep us company.

In fact, recent research from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association revealed that 3.2 million households got themselves a pet since the start of the coronavirus crisis, meaning that the UK now has an impressive 17 million pet-owning homes!

As wonderful as this is, there has also been an unfortunate rise in pet thefts as a result, as well, however, so it’s essential that animal lovers do all they can to keep their beloved pets safe and sound, at home where they belong.

Dogs, in particular, will always be very attractive prospects to would-be thieves as they can be sold on for a lot of money… but the good news is that there is a lot you can do to protect your pooches and ensure their safety.

Microchipping is a must, of course, and in fact it is now a legal requirement for dog-owners. This means that if your dog is ever lost or stolen, the chip can be scanned if and when they’re found, so they can be quickly and easily returned to you.

Vigilance when you’re out and about is also wise and thieves have been known to approach people while out walking their dogs, as well. Never leave your dog tied up outside a shop or in a car park by themselves, as it’s very easy for someone to then take them, and be wary of letting them off the lead if you haven’t trained them to have excellent recall.

And take care with what you post on social media, as people may well be watching sites like Facebook and Instagram so they can identify potential dogs to take.


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