Many people will be heading off for a UK staycation this summer, as the overseas travel rules remain uncertain. For some, missing out on an exotic foreign holiday will be a big sacrifice, but for others, it is a great chance to take their canine companion along with them. If your dog is holidaying with you, here are a few tips to have a safe and happy time.


  1. Have a vet check-up before you go

Consider the age and health of your pet: are they up to the travelling, and can they cope with the extra activities you will be doing on holiday? Would they be happier being looked after by a friend or a pet sitting service? If your dog is fit and well, it is still necessary to have them up to date with vaccinations and flea and worm treatments beforehand.

Make sure your dog is fitted with a microchip that can be read by a pet scanner, as well as a collar with an identity tag which has your name, holiday address, and contact details, in the event that they become lost.


  1. Choose the accommodation carefully

There is a big difference between a place that will tolerate dogs, and one that is actively dog-friendly. Make sure the holiday let or hotel has secure outside space for your dog to exercise in, and if it will be possible to safely leave the dog alone for a few hours, should you want to.


  1. Research the location

If you are staying by the coast, check if the local beach allows dogs. If you are staying in an area with sensitive wildlife or steep cliffs, remember you may need to keep your dog on a lead most of the time.


  1. Put your pet’s needs first

Try not to disrupt your pets’ normal routine with big changes to diet, exercise, sleeping and toileting habits. Take familiar items such as beds, favourite toys, and food bowls, and keep an eye out for signs of stress, boredom, or heatstroke.

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