It’s been a month since our launch at the PATS exhibition in Telford and we’ve been up to many exciting things! From meetings to events, here’s what’s been going on…

Over 2000+ app downloads and scanner sales
Just a month in and we’ve received over 2000 app downloads – we’re over the moon our product has interested this number of people so quickly! Our world’s lowest cost PetScanners have impressed too and we’ve sold hundreds, we’re excited to get people scanning!
Reuniting lost pets
Only a month in and we’ve already helped reunite lost pets, including a stray dog and a lost kitty! Take a look at these Facebook reviews…

“So easy to set up & use, just create an account, connect the scanner to a phone and scan away. I’ve already reunited a stray dog to his owner a few days after receiving mine. Highly recommend on price alone, no pc required like the other more expensive options.”

“The scanner worked well the first time using it, helped me to get a lost kitty back home.”

Meetings with DogLost
Our recent meeting with Jayne and Wayne at DogLost highlighted some interesting opportunities for both our companies and charities. We were very impressed with the fantastic work Jayne and Wayne both do to help and protect animals across the UK, and how much of their own time they put in to making their work a huge success! Exciting things to come…
Solent Festival of Engineering
We attended the Solent Festival of Engineering and had a fantastic time talking to school pupils and the general public about the importance of engineering! We also informed them of the importance of microchipping, along with keeping contact details up to date in the case of a lost or missing pet. We also enjoyed speaking to our local MP, Suella Braverman, on the rise of stolen and missing dogs and what we can do to help.
New app features – notes feature for dog groomers, kennels & walkers
You’ve spoken and we’ve listened! Since launching, we’ve implemented new features into our app that benefit our specialist customers including dog groomers, kennels and walkers. New governance states that certain pet businesses will have to log the microchip number of every animal for safety and security reasons. We’ve made this an easy and simple process – simply scan the pet’s microchip to log its chip number and make notes on them that are only visible to you. These notes will appear when the animal is scanned again (only by you) – perfect for repeat customers! It enables pet business employees to create a pet file straight from their phones that can be copied easily onto a computer or laptop.
Causing a stir on social media
Since launching on social media we’ve certainly caused a stir, from impressed Facebook users to disbelief that our product really works, we’ve been sure to create an understanding and assure people that our product really does work!
For more updates and debates, follow our social media pages to see the buzz about #PetScanner.
Rave reviews!
Since launching last month we’ve had great feedback, so if you’re thinking of getting yourself a PetScanner, these reviews might just help you decide…

Not just for dogs

“Excellent!! Really impressed with your product. I got it to check new horses microchips against their passports as lots look the same! It did the job perfectly and saved getting the vet or spending lots on other scanners. Recommending it to everyone!” – Ebay buyer

Out done the Halo scanner

“Great microchip scanner works well, it has out done the halo scanner for me.” – Ebay buyer

Works perfectly

“Works perfectly. Small, so less scary for animals!” –  Ebay buyer

It really does work

“I ordered mine on Friday night and it was delivered on Saturday morning. Really fast delivery and tried it out and it really does work. – ”Ebay buyer

Already reunited a stray dog – highly recommend

“So easy to set up & use, just create an account, connect the scanner to a phone and scan away. I’ve already reunited a stray dog to his owner a few days after receiving mine. Highly recommend on price alone, no pc required like the other more expensive options.” – Facebook Review

iOS Development
We’ve been busy developing our Bluetooth microchip readers and iOS app for iPhone users and we can’t wait for you to see our new, wireless design! Our Bluetooth microchip readers will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and will be launching very soon.

If you’d like to be one of the first to get your hands on our new Bluetooth scanner, please send us your email on social media or via our contact form here, and we’ll send you updates of the release!

For more information, please visit www.petscanner.com and if you like the sound of PetScanner, visit https://shop.petscanner.com and grab yours today. The PetScanner Android app is free to download on the Google Play store.

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