Bonfire Night is one of the worst nights of the year for dog owners, as the constant exploding of fireworks can be very unsettling and terrifying for pooches. 

So here are some tips on how to keep them happy and safe this Guy Fawkes:

  • Walk them during the day

Take your furry friend out for a long walk during the day, so they aren’t outside when the fireworks start going off. By tiring them out on a good stroll, they will be more restful in the evening when the displays begin. 


  • Keep firework noise at bay


Try to protect against the noise of fireworks by closing windows and curtains or blinds. Try to muffle the sound of the explosions by turning up the radio or TV, so they become distracted by the other noises. 


  • Create a safe den


Your dog might want to go and hide while the fireworks are going off, so get prepared before Guy Fawkes Night and make them a comfy den with a soft blanket and a few of their favourite toys. 

This could be a quiet space where they are able to feel more in control, or some little hiding places in nooks and crannies around the house. 


  • Be comforting


It is a good idea not to leave your dog alone if you think they’ll be scared, as this could make them more anxious. If they want to retreat to a hiding place, the BBC recommends giving them some space to do so.

However, behaving normally is important too, as Borrow My Doggy reminds homeowners: “If you are acting strangely, they will too.”


  • Microchip them


Avoid opening the door if possible, as scared dogs have the tendency to dart out of the door, even if it is noisier out there. 

It is a good idea to update dog microchip details, just in case you are greeted by an unexpected visitor or you have heavy traffic in your house and the front door is likely to be opened during the evening. 

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