A dog called Björn has been reunited with his owners after being stolen when his owners visited the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

Björn, who is a rare toy breed, was brought over from Sweden and is owned by Michael Fox and Johanna Kerwien, a couple from Kent.

They had left him in their vehicle as they visited the shopping centre on November 6th, but a thief smashed the window and took the dog, Kent Online reports.

Michael and Johanna issued public appeals via social media for the return of their pet, including a ‘no questions asked’ reward for his return, but for five weeks they heard nothing.

However, five weeks later a woman living in the East Ham area of London, just 20 miles from where the theft took place, bought the dog as a Christmas present for her daughter, but was alerted when she showed a picture to a work colleague, who had seen the appeal. She promptly contacted the owners.

Mr Fox said: “We could tell immediately it was him. She then offered to meet us to give him back, as she obviously didn’t want to keep a stolen dog. She seemed genuine.”

Now Björn is back home and the story has had a happy ending, but for many others it may not do. That is why chipping a dog and using dog chip registration is a wise move, as this makes it easier to trace a lost or stolen pet.

Another happy ending to a dog theft drama came in Cambridgeshire this month, where the Ely Standard reported on the recovery of a stolen spaniel by the name of Peregrine.

He was found in the village of Willingham in a case that also involved a stolen road roller and truck, which may have made it easier to find him once the suspect had been collared for these other thefts.

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