Microchipping your animal is a fantastic measure you can take in order to ensure your pet is always able to be traced back to you, but in the tragic event that your beloved pet is taken from you, a microchip may not always bring them back. 

There are several steps you can take to prevent any animal thieves from targeting you and your furry friend, keeping you and your loved one safe. 

Keeping your dog on a lead is one of the best ways you can ensure your animal is safe. This ties them to you and makes sure they are unable to run away or be separated from you, therefore making it much more difficult for potential thieves to get hold of your animal. 

Keeping your animal in your sight at all times also prevents theft, as having your pet in your view means you are able to keep an eye on your surroundings and anyone who is interacting with your pet. 

GPS tracking is also a great way to keep tabs on your pet and using a collar with a built-in tracking device means you are able to know the exact location of your pet as long as they have got the collar on.

Pets aren’t only stolen while out in public, many animals are taken from the comfort of their own homes or gardens and can be snatched from right under your nose. 

Having CCTV on your property means you can always have an extra eye out even when you aren’t at home with your pet and also provides video footage of anyone who enters and leaves your property, so in the worst case scenario you have evidence to provide to the authorities.

Ensuring your garden area is properly secured is also a great preventative measure, making sure your pet is unable to escape and keeping any unwanted visitors out. 


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