Pet owners worry about losing their dogs anywhere, but particularly when they are by the seaside, as beaches can be very dangerous places for four-legged creatures. Here are some tips on how to keep your furry companion safe if you want to take them to the sea this summer.


  • Get your dog tagged

Though getting your dog tagged will not protect them from water danger, it will help if they get spooked and run off during your sandy stroll. If the area is unfamiliar to your pooch, they will not know how to return or where to look for you, so having a microchip that alerts you when they have been scanned will help you find them safely.


  • Make sure they listen to recalls

If your dog is renowned for ignoring you when you call their name, it might not be a good idea to bring them to the seaside. You should be confident your dog can do a recall, so they come back to you if you sense they do not like the water or the waves look too choppy, The Kennel Club advises.


  • Have treats on you

It is a good idea to have treats on your person, so you can encourage them to return to you if they go out of your line of sight. Snacks they can smell or noisy toys they can hear will let them know where you are, in case they can’t see you.


  • Bring fresh water

In hot weather, dogs might be tempted to drink the sea water, but this can result in salt poisoning. So, make sure you bring plenty of fresh water for them to drink instead to stay hydrated. Running on sand is more tiring than grass, so give them plenty of rest in shady areas to let them cool down.


Register a microchip to keep your pets safe today.

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