During the warm summer months, there is a certain limit to how warm the day can be before becomes unbearable or even potentially harmful to people, but whilst many of us can sort out ways to keep as cool and hydrated as possible, pets do not always have that luxury.

It can sometimes be difficult for an owner to see the signs of distress or heatstroke, and it can be worth discussing the heat with your vet the next time you go for a checkup or to update their microchip if you have particular concerns.

With that said, there are some universal tips for helping your beloved dog, cat or other pet animal handle the heat.


Never Leave Them Unattended During A Journey

Many people are taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather to go on adventures, journeys and big walks in far-flung places with their beloved pets, but this act could potentially put them in tremendous danger.

The Dogs Die In Hot Cars campaign illustrates just how deadly a car can be in hot weather, with the greenhouse effect making a car so warm it can be potentially fatal for them.

Avoid travelling as much as possible during the height of a heatwave, and make sure you can keep them cool and hydrated as much as possible if you do so, especially given the chance of getting stuck in traffic.


Stick To Early Mornings And Early Evenings

Between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm in the height of summer is when the sun is beating down its hardest and when pets have the greatest chance of getting heatstroke.

Try to schedule walks during the cooler hours of the day, and check your weather forecast in case of sudden temperature spikes.


Put Ice Cubes In Their Water Bowl

Hydration is vital in weather this hot, but it is also important to make sure that your pet’s water supply stays cool as well to ensure they keep cool.

One trick you can do is to add ice cubes, which will lower the temperature and slowly melt across the day.

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