One of the worst fears for many pet owners is losing their pet or being the victim of pet theft. But the odds of bringing an animal back home are increased dramatically if they fit and update a pet microchip.

Part of the reason why dogs and cats need to be microchipped by law is because of how much it dramatically increases the chances of rescue and reunion, as well as ensuring they have their full litany of vaccinations and tests.

Here are some stories of pet reunions that could only happen because of microchipping.


Kaiser The Husky

Huskies are tragically common targets for dognappers and thieves because of how beautiful they are, and at just two years old, Kaiser was taken from his owner whilst they were at work outside of Cork city.

The owner looked for him for nine years with no luck, until he was found in the town of Limerick, where he was taken to a dog grooming salon, his microchip checked and he was reunited with an owner he recognised straight away.



Peggy The Patterdale Terrier

In Darfield, South Yorkshire, Peggy was the victim of a break-in in November 2020, being taken alongside another dog as part of a spate of pet robberies linked to organised crime groups.

However a South Yorkshire Police officer recognised the dog from pictures the family had provided whilst she was undertaking an unrelated inquiry, and Peggy was quickly encouraged to get into the back of a police car, was taken to her owner and reunited with her owner.



Ollie The Chihuahua

The story of Ollie and his owner Tae Bennett is one that many pet owners dread. Tae, then aged 12, was walking Ollie at a local park in Beckenham, south London when thieves cut the lead and quickly snatched the dog.

After searching for a decade and setting up a reward and missing posters, Ollie was found in a park in Hounslow, 20 miles away.

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