From the end of October until early January, fireworks displays tend to become an increasingly common concern for pet owners, as the loud noises during the night can sometimes frighten and distress pets, causing them to sometimes run away.

A common cause of runaway pets is the sudden and loud noises heard on fireworks night, but there are a few methods you can use to relax your pet and ensure they are not overly distressed on Guy Fawkes’ Night, Diwali, Christmas and New Year’s Eve in particular.

As well as these tips, make sure to update the pet microchip with your vet to ensure that the most recent details are in place to help reunite both of you in case of a runaway.



Gradually Prepare Your Dog For The Noises

A few weeks ahead of days when you know there will be a lot of displays, start to train your pet to get used to the noises gradually and in a very safe place.

Start with very quiet, short sessions of this and make sure to regularly reward them with treats, care and affection, but stop as soon as they start to get distressed and wait until they feel calmer and more relaxed to try again.



Create A Comfortable, Secure Sanctuary

Walk your dog earlier in the day, make sure they are calm, relaxed, and have done everything they need to before it gets dark and lock your doors, windows and pet flaps.

As well as this, find a quiet room in the house and fill it with soft blankets and bedding as well as their favourite toys to not only muffle the outdoor sounds but give the pet a place to feel calm and safe



Keep Them Distracted

Involved, interactive toys, relaxing music, and sounds of nature or television can help to distract your dog from the bangs outside, particularly if you pay them close attention and treat them as you did when you prepared them for these noises earlier.

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