While the summertime can be fun and relaxing, often it can get very warm. We may find the heat enjoyable, however, our furry friends can often become uncomfortable and overheat in the summer. Ensuring your pets are comfortable, cool and hydrated is important to keep them healthy.

First and foremost, ensure your pets have a cool place to relax if they get too hot. This could be a cold area of the house or a shaded area in the garden. Keeping them out of direct sunlight and heat can help to prevent overheating and stop them from suffering from heat exhaustion.

Rooms in the house that have hard flooring are often a nice place for animals to rest as the floor usually stays cool, however, if there are no suitable spaces in your home laying a cool damp towel down can also work well.

It is also important that they have access to enough water. Animals can quickly become dehydrated in warm weather so giving them lots of cool water to drink will help them to stay hydrated and cool. Refill their bowl as often as necessary and check that they are drinking enough.

You should avoid leaving animals in hot, enclosed spaces such as cars. Vehicles can quickly become incredibly hot, even with ventilation, which can be incredibly dangerous. If you can’t leave your pet unattended at home, ask someone to sit with them instead of taking them in the car with you.

Another way to keep your pets cool is to groom them regularly in the summertime. Fur is great for insulating in the winter but can cause them to be too hot and uncomfortable in the summer. Trim their fur and brush regularly to remove excess hair to keep them cool and comfortable.


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