It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that dogs are filled with an unbounded, unrestricted and unrestrained abundance of love, and their owners often feel the same way.

This is why they register a microchip beyond it being a legal requirement; it is an act of love, care and solidarity, and a microchipping service can help make this act of kindness easy and painless for both dog and owner alike.

However, writing music is also a common way that many artists express how much they care about their beloved pets, and with that in mind, here are some of the most famous songs all about dogs.


Shannon – Henry Gross

In 1975, singer-songwriter Henry Gross met Carl Wilson, a member of the Beach Boys, and it turned out both of them happened to have had a dog named Shannon.

When Mr Gross found out that Mr Wilson’s Shannon had recently tragically passed away, he penned a soft guitar ballad about the tragic loss, which became Mr Gross’ only hit song and the standout of his career, although it peaked at number 32 in the UK.


Martha My Dear – The Beatles

The writing team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney have written a lot of classic songs about unusual topics, such as I’m In Love (With My Car), A Day In The Life and Octopus’ Garden, but Martha My Dear was a surprisingly subtle ode to Paul’s sheepdog.

Part of it was that few people, including allegedly John himself, knew that he had a dog or an affinity for pets, and the other was that the song takes some other more complex elements, with Paul later claiming that it was also about comforting a friend who was in the thick of troubling issues.


Old King – Neil Young

Countless folk musicians have taken inspiration from a faithful dog, and legendary musician Neil Young was no exception, with his muse Elvis helping to produce one of his more understated classic songs Old King for the 1992 album Harvest Moon.

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