Choosing a name for your pet is an important task, after all, they will have to have this name for their entire life. There are many weird and wonderfully named pets out there, but a lot of names remain strong classics and are chosen time and time again.

While this may simply be because they sound nice as pet names, it may also have something to do with the meaning behind their name. Pet names can be as silly or as sincere as you wish, but they should always be perfect for your pet.

Max is one of the most popular names for male dogs. It is short, easy to remember and your dog will likely find it easy to recognise. This name is short for maximus, which means greatest or largest. This makes it fitting for any large breed of dog.

Charlie is another popular name for male dogs. This name is known for being associated with strength, making it a perfect choice for our furry protectors. Charlie is a solid choice for your pet if you enjoy classic, simple names.

Bella is a strong favourite for female dogs and is known to mean beautiful. This is the perfect name for your lovely pooch and will remind you everyday of how lovely and sweet your pet is.

Luna has become a strong contender for the most popular name for cats. This is often chosen as a name for black cats, due to the links with the moon. This is the perfect choice for your feline friend and is just as spooky as it is sweet.

Another popular name for cats is Leo. This may be due to the connection with lions, the ultimate big cat, but is also a sweet name which symbolises courage and strength.

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