Here at PetScanner we’re forever stressing the importance of getting your furry friends microchipped and to underline our point, a story from across the pond has really got our tails wagging after a dog was returned to her owner after a five year separation!

The pint-sized Pomeranian, named Princess, was nabbed by thieves in May 2028 while her owner was out for a Mother’s Day brunch in Arizona, Phoenix. After searching frantically and covering the town with “missing” posters, the devastated owner had given up all hope. 

However, after being missing for over five and a half years, owner Daisy Gonzales received a phone call and to her amazement it was White Tanks Animal Hospital informing her that Princess had been handed in.

‘They called me saying that a good Samaritan had brought her in, they scanned her and found my information that they found Princess,’ Gonzales told Fox10. ‘I called right back and said, “She’s been missing for five-and-a-half years. That’s my dog!”‘ 

The dog owner believed her dog had been targeted due to her good looks and expensive appearance. And after her search efforts proved fruitless, she never expected to see her dog again.

Speaking about the fateful day she and her beloved pet were separated, Gonzales said: “I was inside with my friend grabbing drinks for everybody and my dad was setting up Jenga, and my mom ran inside saying, ‘Daisy do you have Princess?’ Then we freaked out from there.

‘I know why they would do it, I don’t know who would do it,’ Gonzalez added.

How the dog ended up in a clinic remains a mystery, but what’s clear is that without the microchip the dog would never have found its way home. 

Microchipping Your Pet

A microchip is a small implant that’s placed under your dog’s skin. This chip contains your contact information, so if your pet ever goes missing and is brought to a vet or shelter, they can carry out a microchip lookup to identify the owner.

The law states that all dogs must be microchipped. It’s also your responsibility as the owner to update the details such as home address if it changes.

Having said that, many dog owners are forgetting to do this, which is resulting in thousands of dogs being unable to be reunited with their owners.

So if you’re a dog owner then make   sure your dog’s microchip details are up to date as this will ensure you’re complying with the law and your pet will have a much better chance of coming back if it’s lost – just like Princess.

Hopefully, this feel good story will serve as a heart-warming reminder of the importance of getting your dog microchipped. 

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