We’re now well in the grip of winter, and while for many this is an exciting and fun time of the year, it’s also when many dogs are lost.

Indeed, whether it’s down to the lack of sunlight or something else, many dogs go missing in winter, which is just as bad as many don’t tolerate the cold very well!

In this post, we’ll go over some of the steps to take to avoid losing your dog this winter, to ensure your four-legged friend remains by your side throughout the colder months. 

Keep Dog On A Lead

This may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many dogs go missing because their owners were walking them off their lead. 

We get it, your dog loves to explore on their own, but if they’re allowed off the lead, this greatly increases the chances of you and your pooch becoming separated.. So do both of you a favour and keep them on the lead, at least while you’re out in the open and visibility is poor.

Take A Torch

To help you and your dog see where you’re going, a torch can really help. This will also allow you to see other owners and dogs and vice versa, avoiding any animals startling each other. 

And if you absolutely have to let your dog off the lead, at least you’ll have a torch to help you locate your furry friend if they do get lost. All this considered, a torch is a winter essential for all dog walkers.

LED Jacket

If you want to make absolutely sure you won’t lose your dog while you’re out on walks, a flashing LED jacket will help you do just that!

With lights that flash or light up, your dog will resemble a walking, barking Christmas tree! This should make it next to impossible to lose them, whether they’re on the lead or not.

Stay Indoors In Bad Weather

If there’s a storm outside, it’s probably a good idea to stay indoors, at least until the bad weather has blown over a little.

If you’ve ever seen the Wizard of Oz, you may recall the bit at the beginning where Dorothy and her dog, Toto, almost get separated due to a cyclone. Well, let that be a warning to you, because extreme weather conditions can and do cause owners and their dogs to lose each other.

In all honesty, you probably won’t be taking your dog outdoors in 200mph winds! But just to be on the safe side, we thought we’d remind you anyway.

Shut Doors And Gates

Chances are your doors will be firmly shut during the winter anyway, but be sure to close any gates too.

Some opportunistic dogs don’t need much of an invitation to slip out the garden for a wander. The biggest worry is finding them as the dark nights and cold temperature smight make searching for your lost fog much more challenging.

So don’t give them any opportunity to escape. Close all doors and gates to stop any potential escape routes.


As a dog owner, no doubt you’ll do all you can to keep you and your pet united. However, in some rare situations, some bad luck may mean your dog gets lost. 

This is why it’s important to keep yourself safeguarded against this nightmare scenario by having your dog microchipped. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it also helps reunite you with your dog if it gets lost.

If your dog is still young or you just haven’t yet gotten round to getting the procedure done, you can register your dog’s microchip with us. Then, if you lose your pup this winter, a quick scan will pull up your details and you’ll be snuggling up together in no time at all! 

So don’t put it off, get your dog microchipped and registered today.

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