There’s nothing worse than losing your dog. If you’ve ever gone through this horrible experience you know it’s fraught with panic, uncertainty and fear. 

To help you avoid this awful feeling, here are a few reasons dogs get lost, to help you avoid making some common mistakes.

Natural Urges

Another reason dogs may be tempted to venture outside is to find a mate. If you have a bitch that’s in season, or your male can smell a dog that is, then their biological urges are likely to take over.

If your dog is in season then this is a particularly important time to keep them close while they’re on the lead and ensure all doors and gates are locked.


One of the main reasons dogs might try to escape is out of fear. A good example of this is bonfire night when people are setting off fireworks. Dogs can get extremely scared, and some may choose to bolt out of the garden to escape the loud and confusing noises.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your pet during times like this. Having you there to comfort them should help, and you should also remember to keep doors and gates locked to prevent them from running away.


In some cases your dog might just have a sense of adventure and want to explore the world beyond your home and garden.

But while their exploration may just be down to curiosity, this won’t make it any easier to find them if they get lost. So if you have a particularly adventurous dog that likes to explore then you’ll need to be on your guard.

Lack Of Exercise

If your dog has a lot of pent-up energy and they’re not getting the exercise they need, it’s not uncommon for them to take matters into their own hands.

So to prevent your frustrated pooch from looking for a way out, make sure they’re getting adequate walks. As well as satiating their energy needs, this will ensure good health so walking your dog has multiple benefits. 


As a dog owner, no doubt you’ll do all you can to keep you and your pet united. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, in some situations, your dog may get lost.

This is why it’s important to keep yourself safeguarded against this nightmare scenario by having your dog microchipped. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it also helps reunite you with your dog if it gets lost.

If your dog is still young or you just haven’t yet gotten round to getting the procedure done yet, you can register your dog’s microchip with us. Then, if you lose your pup, a quick scan will pull up your details and you’ll be reunited in no time.

So don’t put it off, get your dog microchipped and registered today. Speak to us and we’ll explain how to get started.

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