June 10th was a red letter day for cat owners in England, as the new law requiring that all pets be microchipped came into force.

The law had already applied to dogs, but their feline counterparts are now required to have a chip by the time they reach 20 weeks of age. This still applies to cats that only live indoors. In addition, owners must keep the details up to date on a Defra-approved microchipping database, so make sure you do this whenever you move home.

If you live in England, this means you should have had your cat microchipped by now, but it is also a reminder of when you need one implanting in any kitten you might have recently acquired and any cat or kitten you get in the future. It is not just a great way to ensure your cat can be traced if it goes missing; failure to comply with the law can lead to a £500 fine.

At present, the law only applies in England. But while it is not mandatory to have your cat chipped if you live in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, it is highly advisory to do so, as you can still benefit from the fact your pet will be easier to reunite with you if it goes missing and is subsequently found.

The ultimate benefit of getting your cat chipped can be found in heart-warming stories of lost pets reunited with their owners.

A recent case was that of a cat called Cosmic, reported in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo. The cat ran away from the Noel family’s car at Watford Gap services when they stopped on the way home to Dagenham after a trip to the Lake District.

National Highways Traffic Officers tried to lure him back, but the feline adventurer was enjoying exploring the vicinity too much. Eventually, the family returned home and the officers continued trying to lure Cosmic with food before he finally showed up four days later, to be reunited with his owners at last.

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