The most popular reason to get a dog is for companionship, according to recent research by Dogs Trust.

A survey of 8,050 current owners and 2,884 prospective owners revealed eight in ten people either got their pooch or wants to get one so they can have some company.

The second biggest reason is to get more exercise, with 48.2 per cent of current and 69.7 per cent of potential owners stating this; to help dogs in need (51.1 per cent and 82.3 per cent respectively), and because they have previous experience with a four-legged companion (70.3 per cent and 77 per cent respectively).

Katrina Holland and Rebecca Mead, who led the research for the charity, stated: “Despite the huge popularity of dogs in the UK, there is a lack of published evidence exploring exactly why people get dogs.”

They added: “We’re really glad to have some solid evidence about why people choose to bring a dog into their life.”

The latest findings from PDSA reveal more than half of Brits have a pet, and over a quarter (26 per cent) are dog owners.

According to statistics, there are 9.6 million pet dogs in the UK, which suggests a huge number of people are looking for company and companionship in Britain.

As well as there being a considerable number of dogs as pets, animal thefts have risen recently. According to Pet Theft Reform, over 1,800 dogs were stolen in England and Wales last year.


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