An animal centre in the Midlands has revealed the extent of the problem of escaping and unwanted pets, saying it rescues around 25 cats from the streets every month. 

The Holdings in Kempsey, Worcestershire, told the BBC the number of homeless animals it has discovered lately has increased, as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. 

During one day in August, it even found nine stray cats and three lost rabbits, while it noted that July was its busiest month of 2022 for finding lost or abandoned animals. 

Last month, it spent an additional 50 per cent of its usual bill, as it had to treat considerably more sick creatures than usual. 

Claire Wood, who volunteers at the Holdings, commented: “At times we feel like we are drowning and battling to rescue, care and rehome the endless stream of animals we are seeing.”

She added it has had an impact on the centre’s finances, with July alone costing them £7,500. However, Ms Wood stated: “We will never give up on any animal that needs our care.”

This comes after the RSPCA branch warned of the growing problem of escaping house cats, as these pets do not have the experience of being allowed to roam freely and, therefore, frequently become lost. 

Those that are not chipped cannot be identified, which means lost pets cannot be reunited with their owners. 

Additionally, it recommended neutering house cats, so if your feline does escape, they will not return pregnant, adding to the growing number of unwanted cats in the area. 


Make sure your pet is kept safe by registering for a microchip today. 

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