It’s not just us who feel the cold, our pets do as well! With winter just around the corner, there are various precautions you should take to make sure your pet stays safe during the colder times of the year. 

You should try to keep your pets inside as much as possible during the winter. If you’re bundling up to nip to the shops, your pet is probably feeling the chill as well so keeping them somewhere that is warm, comfortable and covered from the weather is vital in making sure your pet doesn’t get hurt or sick. 

If it isn’t possible for you to keep your pet indoors, you should make sure they have a safe and sheltered place outside to keep away from the cold and wet weather. 

Having a kennel or shelter that is raised, covered and insulated, as well as providing comfortable bedding and even additions such as a flap or door, can help to protect your pet when you can’t keep them inside with you. 

Keeping your pet on a lead is important all year round, but the chances of them getting hurt or unwell if they run away or get lost increases in the colder months. This is especially important near bodies of water as your pet may fall in and go into shock from the cold temperatures. 

It also gets darker earlier during the winter which may mean that your pet can get lost more easily. Keeping a close eye on them during the winter is important. 

You can also get a pet chip, or microchip, for your pet which will allow you to locate them in the unfortunate event they do get lost, which can ease your worry. 

As long as your pet is happy, comfortable and safe there should be no need for you to worry about them during the winter and it’s an extra reason to cuddle up on the sofa with them and get cosy. 

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